The formula you love has a label that's new.

The Gerber® Good Start® look gets a makeover.

We’ve made gentle changes.

You already know that Gerber® Good Start® formulas are designed to provide comfort for babies and happiness for all. Our redesigned labels reflect that happiness, while clearly displaying the product information you’re looking for in the store aisle. Rest assured that even if our label looks a little different, our formulas still provide the complete nutrition you count on for your little one!

We've designed our labels, simply, for you.

Gerber® Good Start® formula labels contain a lot of useful information! One of the most important bits is your baby’s stage of development (Stage 1, 2 or 3) at the top of the label. In the color band, we've placed the formula type and the nutrition it's designed for. You’ll also see a color-coded heart explaining why this is the right formula for your baby. Our formulas meet your baby’s nutritional needs at each stage of development.

Comfort for tiny tummies.

When your baby feels happy and comfortable, you do, too. During those early months, your baby needs complete nutrition – and comfort – to support each stage of development. From the unique Comfort Proteins® in Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formulas to the probiotics for colicky babies in Gerber® Good Start® Soothe, we’re committed to supporting easy digestion and providing comfort for your little one.

Comfort Proteins® are small proteins that are easy for tiny tummies to digest.


Learn more about recent changes to Gerber® Good Start® with these frequently asked questions.

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The formula for happiness™

At Gerber, our goal is the same as yours: helping your little one stay comfortable and happy as he or she continues to grow. So, whether you’re supplementing or exclusively formula feeding, we want to help you find the formula nutrition and feeding options that are right for you and your baby or toddler. The new Gerber® Good Start® label reflects our commitment to generations of new parents.

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